Focus on your projects, not your compliance

Digisoft Solutions simplifies management of your government contracts allowing you to focus on the technical aspects of your projects and growth of your business...

All while maintaining compliance.

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Features that makes sense for your government contracting business

Interactive Dashboard

Our interactive Dashboard gives you quick metrics about important company and project information!

With our Interactive Dashboard, you can have up to the minute metrics on your project spending, take a look at utilization rated, determine which projects are getting the most focus as well as perform DCAA compliance tasks like ensuring that everyone is filling in their timesheet daily with a floor check.

Because our system integrates all of your data in REAL TIME, dashboard items can provide you true insights into key company and project performance.

Our Interactive Dashboard is insightful!

DCAA Compliant Timesheets + Time Off

Time Accounting is more than just a timesheet! 

Go beyond a timesheet only solution with a product that not only complies with DCAA timekeeping, but adds capabilities such as easy authorizations, PTO Request & tracking, daily notes, floor checks, labor distribution and mobile.

Project managers need to control labor spending by choosing who is allowed to charge hours against their project(s).

Supervisors need the ability to approve or reject employee timesheets and conduct "floor checks" to ensure that employees are consistently logging their time.

Employees just want to get their time entered without a hassle and know how much time off they have available.

Using Digisoft timekeeping is easy with features to take care of code authorization, time off requests and approval.

Our Timekeeping system is robust, easy & compliant!


Our expense features do more than just track expenses!

Improve your purchasing process and tracking by using the Purchase Order, Travel & Subcontract expense features. Not only does each expense go through a configurable approval process, those expenses can flow into your QuickBooks accounting system, saving time and ensuring accuracy.

Project managers will appreciate not having to rely on accounting data to manage their project(s). Our expense data is used in real time to not only show how much has been spent, but how much money has been committed.

Our Expense features are efficient!

QuickBooks Interface (Desktop & Online)

NEW! QuickBooks Indirect Rates
A new QuickBooks integrated Indirect Rate Calculator has been added that allows you to define exactly the rates your use and how to calculate them. Calculate your Indirect Rates in seconds!

Keep the familiarity of QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, but gain access to more advanced tools to help keep your company DCAA compliant, and improve efficiency!

Save time and money by having financial data transferred into your accounting package. The QuickBooks Interface will transfer timesheet data, bills, credit card charges, vendor data and employee data IMPROVING the functionality of QuickBooks.

One of the most time consuming operations in any company is getting the data into your accounting system. When employees are going about their daily job inputting time & ordering items for their projects, you can be accurately and automatically transferring that data to QuickBooks instead of inputting it manually.

Save valuable time with our QuickBooks interface!

Project Management + Earned Value

Project Management doesn't have to distract from project performance!

Earned Value is at the center of our Project Management capabilities. You simply set your percent complete and a comprehensive set of Earned Value metrics are at your disposal for making critical project decisions.

You don't need to worry about gathering all those project numbers from different sources because they are all in one place, ready to use.

When any misstep in project spending can eat away your fee, it is important to have the Project Management tools to keep performance on track. Get comprehensive insight into your projects with our Project Management tools.

Understand the past & anticipate the future!

Everything you need to keep your business compliant and GROW!

Additional Features

Indirect Rates

Don't wait to see how close your actual rates are to your proposed rates. Calculate & track them on a monthly basis to know and control where your actual rates will land.

Bid & Proposal

Create your WBS, budget and schedule in the proposal phase to assist with critical proposal figures and planning. Once you are awarded, easily convert it into a live project!


Tracking government & company property is hard when you are focused on completing your projects. Our property management features make tracking and categorizing your property easy.

Contract + Invoice

Handle CPFF, Fixed & T&M contracts & generate a complete voucher continuation sheet (including provisional rates) for billing your customer.


Account for ALL potential sources of funds by capturing opportunities. If you decide to propose the effort, convert your opportunity into a proposal.

Vendor Management

Vendor Management is important if your projects require procuring products and services. Our Vendor Management features are robust, yet simple for your project & accounting employees.

Inventory Perform

It is one thing to track your property and another thing to be able to find it. Use our Inventory Performance module in conjunction with a barcode scanner to know where all trackable items are.

Bill Of Materials

Our Bill Of Materials module integrates with purchasing to allow tagging of a specific BOM item from your expense request. BOM creation can be as simple or complex as your project requires.


Reports only use real time data to give you critical information on your company, projects, finances and people. Export them to Excel for further analysis or PDF for emailing.

Employee Admin

Easily manage your employee information including salary history, time off accrual rates & balances, supervisor changes & labor categories, etc.


Keep apprised of Purchase Orders needing your approval, past due time entry & project deliverables coming due, to name a few.

Bill Payment

Use our Bill Payment feature to combine items from multiple Purchase Orders into one bill that can be downloaded for payment into QuickBooks.


Pricing is based on how many of your employees utilize the system and identifying which plan makes sense for your government contract business.

The price per employee decreases as you add more employees!


Tackle the basics of time & expense management

Starting at $26/employee
Timesheet & Time Off
Project Managment (Earned Value)
Contract Admin
QuickBooks Interface
Budget & Forecast
Choose Plan


Add capability to manage your projects & rates

Starting at $36/employee
Timesheet & Time Off
Project Management (Earned Value)
Contract Admin
QuickBooks Interface
Budget & Forecast
Choose Plan


Improve your efficiency & capabilities

Starting at $46/employee
Timesheet & Time Off
Project Management (Earned Value)
Contract Admin
QuickBooks Interface
Budget & Forecast
Choose Plan
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“We always know where we stand on our projects. Running Earned Value gives us great insight into our performance and having the ability to see our committed costs helps us fine tune our project spending.”

Jay Brasseur
CTO & Founder
Customer Since 2007

“Digisoft Solutions made it happen! DS Elite helped us pass our pre-award survey for a large contract that will substantially increase the size of our company.”

Charles Daitch
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“DS Elite has streamlined our contract management process and helped us meet our budget and schedule goals.”

Dr. Richard Durham
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